Went to Riversdale for christmas. Spent a couple of days playing on the beach and relaxing.  And digging a big hole.  As you do… I bought myself a sextant for christmas and used the opportunity of being at the beach to teach myself how to use it.  I don’t have a false horizon on my…

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Operation Paeroa

This was a search on our back door step in Mt Victoria for Ralph XXXXX. Ralph was feeling a bit down and out and went walkabout without notice to (at least) get away from things for a bit. There were fears for what he might do and after he didn’t return for the night, we…

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Battery Battle-To-The-Death

I’ve started on a bit of a mission to find out what batteries are good for various jobs.

I bought some Maxuss 3000mAh batteries, which is an exceptionally high capacity, and it turns out, an exceptionally large lie…

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