I developed some map rendering software a while back and occasionally add to or improve it.  I use it to generate my own maps, originally because there are some things about the LINZ maps I really don’t like.  I generate them from LINZ data, and with data from, which I also contribute to.  I generate contours from a variety of sources.  I also add additional GPS data and other bits of information from other sources.

My maps keep things simple, and they’re intended primarily for navigation.  I generally produce them for printing on individual A4 sheets, which I usually laminate.  The idea is on A4 you can keep the map folded in your pocket and pull it out frequently and easily.  They are almost always rendered for printing at 300dpi (to get the correct scale).  The maps are oriented to grid north and use the NZTM2000 map grid within New Zealand and UTM map grids with Military subgrids for maps in all other countries.  The grids are always 1km square.

Because it’s so simple to run and produce a map of any location, I produce maps specific to just about every trip I do, so I have a lot of maps.  I have a map series that covers the Tararuas, which I will put up here in a bit, and a bunch of other maps.

This page will be a work in progress, and I’m only just starting to upload maps.

I retain copyright for all maps on this site.  You can download and use them freely for personal use provided any copyright messages are retained and any links to this web site are retained.

For use relating to any commercial or for-profit ventures or trips, you must enquire with me to obtain permission first.  See my contact page.


Here’s a sample of a Map of Lobuche in Nepal.

More to come…

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