Roberts 38 in Auckland

Another possible yacht. Basic specs: Steel sloop, cutter rigged.  Hard dodger, centre cockpit. Cockpit and cabin top glassed plywood.  Dodger fibreglass. Roberts Offshore 38 design (hard chined), built in 1992 LOA: ? LWL: ?     These specs seem to have been lost in the mists of time Beam: ? Draft: ? Displacement: ? Boat was…

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A possible yacht

I went to look at a possible yacht to buy in Waikawa. It was a bit overpriced for what it was, and not in the greatest condition. I’m looking for something that is Cat 1 or can be made Cat 1 without too much effort. This unfortunately isn’t quite there but it seems doable if…

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Yacht to buy?

I looked over a potential yacht to buy in Dunedin.  Unfortunately the owners didn’t want to take me for a sail until I make an offer.  It was all netted up for birds, etc. and was going to be a bit of a job for them.  But it was an expensive trip to not even…

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