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Went to Riversdale for christmas. Spent a couple of days playing on the beach and relaxing.  And digging a big hole.  As you do… I bought myself a sextant for christmas and used the opportunity of being at the beach to teach myself how to use it.  I don’t have a false horizon on my…

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Another site

I decided it’s time to set up a new web site to replace an old and outdated site. I registered on a whim. It seems a bit self-obsessed, but I noticed it was free and figured I should take it before one of those other Simon McAuliffes stole it. So then I had this…

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Climbing shoes

Got some climbing shoes today.

They’re 5.10 Coyote Stealth C4 shoes.

They hurt like a bitch.

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Monkey Menace

Placed a new cache by the zoo today.

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Penguin Power

My back was destroyed by my Friday run for some reason. I was supposed to run butterfly creek today with Magnus but bailed in the end. Instead I opted for some gentle walking to help my back recover. We checked out a couple of geocaches and placed a new one GC1BMV7 “Penguin Power”

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Fins etc

Boughts some fins, snorkel and mask at Rebel for $62.87. Pretty crap, but pretty cheap. Might try them out tomorrow if my back is up to it. Also went and visited a couple of geocaches around the city.

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Got some gaiters

ANZAC day, so no work. I went out to Petone to buy some running Gaiters. They were on sale and only cost $14. After I got those, I ran home. I didn’t wear them. Today I also refined a process for taking courses planned on Google Earth, and adding altitude information to them, and putting…

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