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Operation Coffey

Search for Phil Coffey in Karapoti area. It is a well tracked area (for biking etc.). I was in a 4WD team as team leader. Quite a weird way to search. Lots of sign. Nothing definitive. Tara’s golden touch meant her team located the missing party. A good outcome, and Phil’s gratitude made it very…

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SARINZ First Aid course

I spent the weekend on a SARINZ first aid course.

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SARINZ Search Methods

I spent the weekend out at Camp Kaitoke.

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SAR Nav Field Session

This was a map/compass/GPS training session that I helped to put together. I have no idea how well it went.

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Operation Makara Cemetery

No missing party located. No identity known. Apparently no missing party at all. Just some plonker that got off a bus and presumably walked back into town without letting his bus driver know. Caused all sorts of panic, but he wasn’t there. Very thick bush in places, so it was a bit of effort despite…

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Operation Henk

This was an operation at QEII park for Henk Boekholt. The weather changed suddenly and got quite wet and chilly. A very sad story and a very sad outcome.

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TCA Field training

Always good to practice tracking more. Good evening…

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