I looked over a potential yacht to buy in Dunedin.  Unfortunately the owners didn’t want to take me for a sail until I make an offer.  It was all netted up for birds, etc. and was going to be a bit of a job for them.  But it was an expensive trip to not even see her sail 🙁

Basic specs:
Design: Roberts 38 (hard chine) steel ketch, 1992.
LOA: 38’3″ (11.8m)
Draft: 5’9″ (1.75m)
Beam: 11’3″ (3.4m)
Displacement: approx 11 tonnes.
Engine: 36hp. Old, but seems to be working fine. Goes at around 6 knots.

The depth sounder transducer is failing and needs to be replaced.  There are a number of patches of rust that need dealing with.  The sails are not exactly new either.

The interior seems quite good.  The nav station is unpleasantly small though.  Only one sea berth with lee cloth.  But the aft double berth seems rather comfy if it’s flat or docked.  Good amounts of storage.  I’m not totally sure about a kerosene oven/stove.

Fuel capacity is borderline at 220l.

The say they budget approximately 4 knots of headway for trips, which is not particularly speedy.

The SSB is essentially receive-only as there is no antenna tuner, etc.  The antenna is rigged as the main backstay, and the SWR would be pretty bad without a tuner.

There is a GPS which is a very clunky old JRC 4510.  But that should do the job, just not as quickly or accurately as something a bit more modern.

It seems to be a cutter rig despite what I understood (see photos).  The forestay and inner stay are stainless steel, but the remainder are all galvanised steel and looking quite brown due to the fish oil used to treat them regularly and keep them in good shape.  There doesn’t seem to be any obvious problem with them at present otherwise.

It has everything needed for cat 1, but a few things would need servicing to bring them back into date before it would get cat 1 again (eg life raft service, new flares, etc).  One possible exception is they don’t have a proper drogue or sea anchor, but they have sufficient onboard to jury rig a warp that might be enough for cat 1.  Maybe those rules have changed since they were last cat 1 though.

The bilge was bone dry.

The wiring needs some work.

The “non-slip” areas need some coating or replacing.

Anchors and ground tackle seem okay, but I didn’t look particularly closely.  Primary anchor is a Bruce, and all chain.  They also have a CQR.  Windlass is hydraulic.

The boat was built in 1992 in steel.  Twenty years takes its toll.  Some photos including some of the bad bits, particularly the external steering (click to zoom):