“Led” a fit trip with the WTMC from Mangahao, to Barra Creek, up a spur to Dundas Ridge, past Arete and down Gable End to Ohau.

On Friday night we walked about half way to Harris Creek and camped there.

Saturday we continued on to Barra Creek and veered east along the stream to the spur.  We began by climbing the non-scrub part of the spur.  Upon hitting the scrub we sidled around towards the clear area of scrub.  It was pretty slow going, and we eventually ended up just bashing through some leatherwood up onto the ridge.  If I was to do it again, I think I would follow on or near the stream much closer to the area clear of scrub and then cut up from that point.  There is also a relatively narrow section of scrub above the large slip that could be quite an easy way up.

It was quite a long day, so we stopped at Dundas Hut for the night.

Sunday was a fairly quick walk out to Ohau to meet the van.  We got out by 3:45pm.

Went with David and Sam.  Good trip.