I went for the second ever Tramp Roulette, accompanied by Mario, Meg and Rochelle.

We met at Mario’s place in Lower Hutt for the roll.  We opted to roll a “yellow” goal, which is supposedly a 2 day trip, and we ended up with 1806095E 5481168N.

I was a little disappointed because it was right near Girdlestone which is a pretty major thoroughfare I’ve passed through many times, so it seemed a bit of a tedious destination.

It quickly became obvious on our trip that there would be many yellow goals that would be much more difficult than 2 days, so we were really quite lucky with this roll in the end.  There is a new version of the Tramp Roulette map on its way with more accurate difficulty estimates, so that will help for future trips.

We headed in the Barra track, stopped for lunch at Mitre Flats and then popped up the bump to Tarn Ridge hut.  There was plenty of time, so we figured we’d just hit the spot in the morning.

It was a pretty easy find in grassy terrain down a moderate slope.

We headed back out the Waingawa river for something different, and on such a nice sunny day that was much more pleasant than the track.

It was a good trip with good company…