We did a 1½ day trip from Woodside.  The plan was to go up to Mt Reeves, along the Tauherenikau ridge, head to RP770 and turn off down the spur that comes out on the Tutuwai track just to the south of Bates Stream.  It was a last minute choice of mine because of weather and was meant primarily as an excuse to teach some navigation things. The navigation plan was executed pretty flawlessly.

We found a nice semi-sheltered spot along the top of the main ridge to camp for the night and slept off the gale force winds that came that night.

It’s actually quite a reasonable place to teach nav things because the visibility along the ridge and spurs isn’t very good due to fairly decent bush covering.  If anything went terribly wrong, it would be an easy place to unlose youself.  Apart from the spur at the bottom, there are some trails, which does simplify things a little bit too much though.  The spur involves a little bit of bush bashing and is fairly steep in places.

Didn’t see anybody all weekend, and it was quite a pleasant trip.