These posts have degenerated into tiny mini-posts.  I’m making then from the Android WordPress application now, so I can do them from anywhere but they don’t appear until I find some coverage.  There’s probably not a whole lot of interest here unless you’re planning on traveling yourself, in which case it could be of use.  The photos have stopped temporarily because of poor coverage and upload speed.  I will retroactively upload as opportunities allow and may extend some details for some of the posts.  I’ll upload more photos and track data when I return home I expect.

A bit of a diversion from the beaten path took us to Pike (/pee-kay/), supposedly the highest peak in Nepal. That seems like an absurd distinction to me. It’s a small mountain. It felt fairly big at the time though. The village of Pike is at an altitude of 3850m.

My Favourite Thing Today

The salty yak milk tea was great for a hard day and didn’t taste half bad either.

Power and Internet

No Internet on my NCell SIM card again. I hear now that I will probably only get coverage in a few days time. The recommendation I got online was to use a Namaste SIM card. But when I mentioned that I wanted a SIM card to the lead guide and what their recommendation was, instead they went out and bought me an NCell card. A bit of a surprise since it wasn’t the card I wanted and I felt a bit obliged to buy it off him. I suspect it was a keep-it-in-the-family type deal. I think it was second hand too. I’m a little bit annoyed. The porters use Namaste so it seems like a stupid or dishonest thing to do. Anyway, it should get better soon. If anybody tries Namaste on a similar route, let me know how well it goes. I’d be leaning that way if in doubt.

There was a mini fluoro light only. It might have been DC by the looks but I didn’t check it out or charge anything because I was traveling with minimal gear only.


Sleeping altitude: 3850m
Night blood ox: 85%