Today we spent a full day in Kathmandu doing some touristy sightseeing type stuff.  The running and climbing and whatnot starts tomorrow.  Apparently there is such a thing as 4am, and we’re getting up a little after that to leave.  Things should become a little more exciting then.  Today was pretty relaxed though.

We started off by visiting the Buddhist Monkey Temple.  Shree Boudhanath I think, but Monkey Temple is way easier.  There’s monkeys there too, and they’re pretty cute.  In fact there’s monkeys all over the place.  You see them in the city too.  There we some climbing along the jumbled spaghetti of wiring and into people’s windows.

There are lots of animals around the city really.  Not just monkeys.  Lots of dogs.  Even bulls… Really. No… uh… kidding.

Anyway, there are even more monkeys at the Monkey Temple.

After that we went and saw the Swayambhu temple, I think.  Another Buddhist temple.

Lastly we went to Pashupati temple (I think) which is a Hindu temple where they were turning people into crispy critters on the barbecue.

Today I also got a SIM card from NCell. In the afternoon I spent a bit of time getting a problem with it sorted out, which involved taxi trips and visiting various places around the city.  Eventually it all got resolved though, so now I have Internet access along the route.

The rest of the day was spent eating and doing a bit of prep for the trip tomorrow.

Thing I Liked Most Today

Tricky. Lots of good stuff. I guess I liked the monkeys.


Oh, nearly time to get up so I better go to bed.  I’ll make some notes on this some more next time.  Here’s a pic.

It’s a strange combination plug.  That’s what they have at the hotel anyway.  I suspect it will become the more basic two-prong plug elsewhere.

I also picked up a useful travel part at an electrical shop in Kathmandu.  I’ll go into detail in the near future.  I think it will turn out to be really useful for the trip.