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Power adapter and consumption measurements for Sony Vaio P-Series

This is about as simple a thing as you can possibly make so barely worth mentioning, but I just rigged some plugs for measuring the power consumption of the Vaio. The more interesting bit is the results, which are on a separate Power Consumption page.

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Another site

I decided it’s time to set up a new web site to replace an old and outdated site. I registered on a whim. It seems a bit self-obsessed, but I noticed it was free and figured I should take it before one of those other Simon McAuliffes stole it. So then I had this…

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Penny Stove

I made a couple of little penny stoves to test out.

It weighs practically nothing (8.9 grams in fact).

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“The Bat” sonar module

This is a design for a sonar module. It’s something I’ve been wanting to play with for some time, and I finally had an excuse so I whipped something up.

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