ANZAC day, so no work.

I went out to Petone to buy some running Gaiters. They were on sale and only cost $14.

After I got those, I ran home. I didn’t wear them.

Today I also refined a process for taking courses planned on Google Earth, and adding altitude information to them, and putting them into my Forerunner 305 as a course. It’s actually really easy, but a bit crap:

  • Make course on Google Earth and export as KML.
  • Use Viking to load it and add the DEM elevation data. Save as .gpx.
  • Use the gpx2crs application to convert to a course, and send to GPS. This is the crap bit, because I have to do this on Windows which means starting up VMWare. GPX2CRS is a .net application. Since I’m on Windows anyway, I just use Training Center to do the upload. I might be able to use gpsbabel to send a crs file too, but haven’t figured out for sure yet.